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Through continuous development work by the parent company in Austria and by maintaining close contact with the operation of our plants all over the world, Vogelbusch stays on the cutting edge of technology:  our processes are outstanding in yield, energy savings, and product quality.

Your advantage
  • We place importance on reliable, efficient, and environmentally-clean designs. 
  • Our plants are designed to operate with minimal downtime, and, as a result, all Vogelbusch-designed plants regularly exceed nameplate capacities. 
  • We strive to provide the most value for the investment and avoid shortcuts and cheap designs which, inevitably, affect profitability in the long run.
MULTICONT continuous fermentation

The Vogelbusch MultiCont continuous fermentation process is reliable and operates in a steady-state for extended periods of time, provided that routine cleaning is performed. Final alcohol concentrations of over 14% (by volume) are regularly achieved, and excellent yields are obtained. The process lends itself to full automation and has considerably lower capital cost requirements compared to older technologies.

Introduced in the U.S. in 1980 with resounding success, this process has been refined since and is now considered state-of-the-art technology for yeast fermentations.

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Energy saving heat integration

A further innovation introduced by Vogelbusch to the alcohol industry is the integration of distillation, evaporation, molecular sieve dehydration, and DDGS drying. This design minimizes both energy requirements and initial capital costs but does not overly complicate operations. The heat integration in this proprietary system allows multiple effect evaporation to be driven by waste heat from distillation and the DDGS dryers, while the condensation of the dehydrated alcohol vapor from the molecular sieve unit provides the heat input for beer preheating.

Developments such as integrated energy-efficient DDGS dryers and evaporators have enabled Vogelbusch to introduce a new generation of alcohol plants that significantly reduce overall energy consumption. These innovations, together with environmentally responsible designs, have contributed significantly to the commercial success of fuel alcohol plants designed by Vogelbusch.

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Beer Degassing Module (BDM)

Custom-Built Bolt-On to Increase Plant Capacity

Degassing the beer reduces the load on the existing beer column. This load can translate into reduced energy consumption at a given feed rate or allow for an increase in feed rate (capacity) for a given beer column diameter.  Depending on the system, installing a BDM can increase capacity by 7 - 10%.

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With decades of experience providing state-of-the-art process engineering packages for the North American fuel ethanol industry, Vogelbusch is the best choice for supply of reliable, efficient, environmentally-clean ethanol plants.

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