Skid-mounted  distillation and dehydration unit

Skid-mounted distillation and dehydration systems

Easy to install modular design

Vogelbusch USA's versatile skid-mounted distillation and dehydration systems are compact, easy to install, and require minimum field connections. Systems can be supplied to handle feeds from a few gallons per minute up to hundreds of gallons per minute, and are perfect for ethanol recovery from proprietary Second Generation pilot and demonstration plants.

Each modular system is designed as a complete process unit and is prefabricated to the maximum extent possible so that the time and cost to the customer for field installation is minimized. Hookups for feed, byproducts, product, and utilities are situated at the edge of the module for easy tie-ins.

The typical modular system will include columns, vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, and other types of process equipment, all mounted (where practical) within structural steel framing. This structural steel framing serves as a shipping support and is laid out to provide access to the equipment both during normal operation and for maintenance.


Custom-built to customer specification

All components are rigorously tested prior to shipment, and the customer’s mechanical specifications, standards, and guidelines are precisely followed, assuring that the system will meet all the customer’s expectations. For each custom-built system, Vogelbusch engineers provide guidance throughout the entire project, including process development, engineering, installation assistance, training, and technical support.

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Interested in real solutions?

With decades of experience providing state-of-the-art process engineering packages for the North American fuel ethanol industry, Vogelbusch is the best choice for supply of reliable, efficient, environmentally-clean distillation and dehydration systems.

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Typical Distillation & Dehydration System for a Cellulose-to-Ethanol Pilot Facility