Process design services

Vogelbusch services

Vogelbusch is a major global player in the process design of ethanol plants. Engineering services we provide:


Partnering your process design


        • Design packages for new plants and expansion of existing facilities including

          | Technology & process design
          | Supply of key equipment
          | Commissioning support & operator training

  • Skid-mounted supply of complete process units for e.g. for distillation, dehydration


Revamps of existing facilities

Efficient plant design drives the economics of production. Let us help you optimize your plant’s

  • Energy Usage
  • Capacity
  • Yield
  • Product Quality

Integrating our technology in second generation plants

We can integrate your hydrolysis process with proven first generation bioethanol technology

  • Process design for pilot and demonstration plants
  • Assistance in developing fermentation and separation strategies
  • Equipment supply for separation, distillation, and dehydration


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Our Experts


Dan Mahon

“No one has been in the business as long or has domestic and worldwide references like Vogelbusch.”

Dan Mahon Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Vogelbusch Technology


Ethanol technology

Vogelbusch has state-of-the-art proprietary technology for every stage of the ethanol process.

Our processes are outstanding in

  • Yield,
  • Energy savings, and
  • Product quality.

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