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Report on ethanol drying system published in Biofuels International Magazine May/June 2017.

Skid-mounted system for recovery of ethanol


A global biotechnology company who is a leader in the supply of animal feed supplements, contracted Vogelbusch USA to assist them with building a facility to treat an ethanol/water stream remaining from brewery yeast recovery. The package supplied by Vogelbusch USA was designed as a two-stage process that consists of a two-column distillation, which produces an ethanol/water vapor that is then dried in a molecular sieve unit.

» Download article written by Dan Mahon, vice president at Vogelbusch USA, for Biofuels International Magazine

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Skid-Mounted Molecular Sieve

Vogelbusch USA's Skid-Mounted Distillation and Dehydration Systems are custom-engineered for a wide range of specific applications in the ethanol and chemical industries.

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